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W-inds Vocal Ensemble

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Summary:W-inds Vocal Ensemble is the lead singer of Orange Wo Hing responsible chorus & dance Ryohei , Ryuichi Ogata three debut on average only 15 -year-old boy composed HIPHOP dance singing group .
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W-inds Vocal Ensemble

W-inds Vocal Ensemble is the lead singer of Orange Wo Hing responsible chorus & dance Ryohei , Ryuichi Ogata three debut on average only 15 -year-old boy composed HIPHOP dance singing group . They have trained apprenticeship at the famous Diva Namie Amuro 's vision factory, brother of popular Japanese dance groups brothers DA PUMP. w-inds. 's live performance is absolutely superb level of quality , once in 2004 and 2005, Taiwan's overseas tour in two years to create a crowd-pleasing , and only 23 minutes to declare all concert tickets sold out amazing record . 2009 , w-inds. Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the first solo in the local premiere . In about two hours of the show , so that the scene of the 8000 fans crazy.

W-inds Vocal Ensemble belonging to the Japanese firm 's a member of VISION FACTORY , 2000 at the firm -sponsored Kyushu , Okinawa sel ection of new conference, was born in Fukuoka, Japan 's Keita , since filled with an overwhelming sense of transparency and the presence a sense of sound and consistent assessment by all the praise and support, more than 10,000 participants who come to the fore . And Sapporo in Japan with dance school dance competition , but also because each has extraordinary talent and talent that attracts attention is born in Hokkaido , Chiba cool calm Ryuichi Ogata , which shares the north and south parts fro m Japan three converging winds formed a "w-inds.".

W-inds Vocal Ensemble in his debut before the Yoyogi Park in Shibuya and its surrounding streets nearby , every Sunday for street performances , and experience to accumulate popularity . Yoyogi Park was originally a street artist performing one of the regions gathered , just start watching their performances , only a few people, but rather dismay at the continued performing until some time after the beginning of the scene fro m the deserted rapidly increase the number of viewers . By a trio of street performers as a starting point , so his debut commemoration would choose Shibuya 109 in Tokyo was held in front of department stores , at March 14, 2001 White Day Day debut, introduced the first single Forever Memories, a total of about 8000 fans enthusiastic participation , almost made Shibuya paralyzed. 2001 Christmas Eve also at Yoyogi outdoor and ten thousand fans , special events co-sponsored Christmas , on December 31 of that year in succession to get the Japan Record Award for the year 's best newcomer award ceremony newcomer different .

In the fifth anniversary of his debut March 14, 2006 the same day, also the album "THANKS" issued the day before yesterday , also appeared in the debut of the origin of the burst ~ Shibuya streets and into roadside shops, record stores and clothing hello , bringing Fury and surprise. w-inds. perform one of the characteristics , is the lead singer Keita 's high-pitched voice , coupled with Ryohei , Ryuichi two chorus with RAP, engaged in a fierce dance performances. Keita 's voice for the lead singer , has a " range spans five octaves ," saying that although the boys , but it has not inferior to women clear and bright sound. When the original draft will participate , they also have a high-pitched male vocals sound the same characteristics "** graffiti" orchestra "アpts ro " an election.

Impressed many people , is the lead singer since his debut Keita 's height has a huge change fro m the original trio height similar to the current " one single show ." 2004 in Taipei, Taiwan held its first overseas concert, only a month ago, fans line up outside in the concert , and within five minutes after ticketing opened the concert area A NT two thousand three hundred yuan worth of tickets sold out in full , while twenty-three minutes ten thousand tickets sold out in two , setting the fastest ticket sales record in Taiwan , originally scheduled for two concerts , and therefore a temporary release encore . Since Johnny 's style line with the main characteristics of male singing dancing idol group , have a higher homogeneity creating a competitive relationship within the industry caused by performing follow-up with all kinds of influence between the fans .

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W-inds Vocal Ensemble is the lead singer of Orange Wo Hing responsible chorus & dance Ryohei , Ryuichi Ogata three debut on average only 15 -year-old boy composed HIPHOP dance singing group .

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